Interview: Thierry Derez, CEO, Covéa “The Clinatec model is unique among biomedical research centers”

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Published : 4 June 2018

Your company recently began a three-year, €1 million partnership with Clinatec. Why?

Our brands have been committed to the disability cause for years. Specifically, we support the prevention and treatment of joint and bone disease, the second-leading cause of disability in France. We hope that our partnership with Clinatec will position us to more effectively respond to neurodegenerative diseases and the disabilities these diseases cause. We would like to be able to offer our policyholders—especially paraplegics and quadriplegics—solutions in terms of both prevention and care.


Are you partnering with any other biomedical research centers?

For the past five years we have supported the ParisTech BiomecAM Innovation and Disability Chair, an initiative of the Georges Chapak Institute for Human Biomechanics. The purpose of the chair is to gain a deeper understanding of the risks of damage to the musculoskeletal system and, ultimately, to bring our policyholders appropriate services, such as assistance for caregivers to help them prevent falls among elderly patients, for example.


What made you decide to also support Clinatec?

The Clinatec model, which brings together researchers, technology experts, and doctors, is unique among biomedical research centers. If, in three years, we can say that Clinatec’s research has helped our sick or injured customers to live more independently or feel better, it will be a success. I am referring to the proof-of-concept testing already completed on the exoskeleton at Clinatec. The results give paraplegics real hope that they will be able to live more independently one day.




*Covéa is France’s largest mutual insurance company, selling insurance under the MAAF, MMA, GMF, and other brands.


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