PTA (Upstream Technology Platform) turns ten on July 2

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Published : 4 June 2018

The PTA (Upstream Technology Platform) will turn ten on July 2, 2018. To celebrate, the platform will host an event for its affiliates and partners from academia and industry. The platform, which opened in 2008, is operated by INAC and LTM and plays a key role in Grenoble’s innovation ecosystem. Its class-1,000 cleanroom possesses all of the equipment and know-how required to complete proof-of-concept testing on materials, components, and processes.

Users of the platform—whether they are from Grenoble or elsewhere—can work on their own or benefit from the support of a team of fourteen technical specialists. The platform’s activity is growing steadily and it regularly purchases new equipment to meet the changing needs of the projects conducted there. For example, the platform acquired a new plasma etching machine this year.


Read (or re-read) the 2008 article (in French):

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