Leti’s M&NEMS one major step closer to the market

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Published : 4 June 2018

MEMS are expensive to develop: Each new component requires its own fabrication processes. Leti has been working to develop generic manufacturing processes (M&NEMS) since 2010. A new partnership with a major industrial company could have M&NEMS ready for batch fabrication within three years.

As the name suggests, M&NEMS combines microelectromechanical parts and a 250 nm-diameter nanogauge. This innovative approach makes it possible to co-integrate different sensors on the same chip. It also provides a variety of differentiating features depending on the application: low noise and vibration resistance for gyrometers; linearity and ultra-miniaturization for pressure sensors; and a wide measurement range for magnetometers. The technology is protected by some 25 patents.


Contact: philippe.robert@cea.fr

Read (or re-read) the 2010 article (in French): goo.gl/oJSWdi


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