Recent Phelma grad founds agroecology startup

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Published : 4 June 2018

Paola Ceccato, who graduated from Phelma in 2015, won an award from the Fondation Norbert Ségard for her startup, Oikos Sphère, founded in 2017, Paola’s goal is to develop a cooperative for the manufacturing and sale of biofertilizers.

Oikos Sphère is innovative in more than one way. In addition to a novel approach to agronomy, the company is also inventing a more socially-inclusive business model—its biofertilizers will be manufactured and sold locally by farmers seeking to create new revenue streams and diversify their businesses. Two test production centers have been created in Savoie and Côte-d’Or. A third will soon be up and running in Lyon. The company uses connected bioreactors that it prototyped to control the quality of the fertilizers produced at each center. Oikos Sphère recently changed its name to Rézomes.



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