Ground breaks on new OIC building

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Published : 4 June 2018

Construction on the future Open Innovation Center (as it has been temporarily named) began on Nelson Mandela Square in May. The 3,500 sq. m, three-story building is slated for delivery in mid-2019. It will host 70 people working on CEA Tech’s collaborative innovation programs and will also be home to a showroom and prototyping workshop. One of the building’s notable architectural features is a micro-perforated cladding material on the upper floors that will contrast with the unfinished concrete of the ground floor.

In terms of energy performance, the building was designed to consume 20% less energy than France’s current RT 2012 standard—in line with the targets set by the City of Grenoble for the Presqu’Ile urban development project. All of the building’s heating and cooling will be provided by a geothermal system.



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