Nano@school sets new record in 2018

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Published : 4 June 2018

Nano@school, a CIME Nanotech program for high school juniors enrolled in the science track, has been held at MINATEC since 2010. This year nearly 800 students from 25 high schools (including three international high schools) enrolled, setting a record for Nano@school!

Back in 2010, Nano@school was an experimental program offered to just two Grenoble-area high school classes. Two years later, 450 students from fifteen high schools enrolled. Since then, Nano@school has gradually expanded to high schools across the region and has even hosted classes from high schools in Japan, Turkey, and Germany!


A unique science immersion for high school juniors

The high school science-track juniors that come to CIME Nanotech for the day-long Nano@school program benefit from a unique experience. The day is part of a broader lesson plan prepared and taught by their science teacher, so the students arrive prepared and ready to learn. Nano@school includes workshops on near-field microscopy, microsystems, fabrication processes in the clean room, nanosafety, and more—all in facilities with state-of-the-art equipment that no high school has!

The workshops are developed and run by a team of 40 current and retired faculty and researchers from Grenoble-Alpes University, the CEA, and CNRS each year. And, since 2017, GIANT has assigned exchange students from MIT to teach certain workshops.

Nano@school has become so popular that other “@school” programs have been developed at GIANT and the Synchrotron. And it is no longer just for high-school students. This year, a tech college in Annecy submitted such an impressive application that Nano@school couldn’t refuse!



Read (or re-read) the 2010 article (in French):

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