Biomarkers: Portable microfluidics lab breaks records

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Published : 1 October 2019

Currently it takes two days to prepare a blood sample for biomarker testing using mass spectrometry. Leti recently unveiled a new portable microfluidics lab that can process blood samples in just two hours. The system automates and integrates all steps in the blood sample preparation process, from extracting the plasma to purifying the peptides used to detect biomarkers that indicate heart, brain, liver, and other diseases.

The PEP’s—for PEPtides Saver—demonstrator system was developed by Leti, Clinatec, and IRIG with funding from the Carnot Network. The system is also flexible: The duration, temperature, and sample volumes can be adjusted as needed. Leti has filed two patents to protect the innovation and is now seeking an industrial partner to scale up and manufacture the system.



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