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October 2019

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Graphene oxide caves give supercapacitors a boost

Could graphene sheets perform better than active charcoal in supercapacitor electrodes? Researchers from IRIG collaborated with two CNRS* research teams to...
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How to read and modify a quantum bit, step by step

A team of researchers from Grenoble (IRIG, Leti, and CNRS) made headlines in 2016 with the world’s first FDSOI qubit device—based...
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Antennas: Radiall and Leti lay the groundwork for 5G telecoms

Radiall and Leti have worked together on a variety of multi-partner R&D projects and contract R&D projects since 2003. Today, they...
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Biomarkers: Portable microfluidics lab breaks records

Currently it takes two days to prepare a blood sample for biomarker testing using mass spectrometry. Leti recently unveiled a new...
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IRIG and Tsukuba collaborate on another PhD dissertation

IRIG and Japan’s University of Tsukuba recently kicked off their second joint PhD research project on the ultra-rapid displacement of magnetic...
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Spirit, the world’s first neural-network-on-chip

Leti has achieved a world-first in embedded artificial intelligence with its Spirit neural-network-on-chip. The component is largely brain-inspired, using unary rather...
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Top news

BHT2: MINATEC Entreprises exceeds targets

Construction on the BHT2 building was completed last spring, and startup Prophesee moved its R&D department into a 154 sq. m space at the end of September.

Prophesee’s R&D team will be working on the integration of its neuromorphic vision technology into autonomous vehicles in partnership with Leti.


eLichens and Diabeloop to move in soon

Work is underway inside BHT2 to prepare spaces for two more companies expected to move in by year’s end....

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Thibaut David, head of the Fostering Science program,

Grenoble has very high ERC grant success rates

“Grenoble has very high ERC grant success rates”


The Fostering Science program helps scientists with their ERC grant applications. What kind of assistance do you provide?

We start by making sure that applicants understand how ERC grants work and what type of grant to apply for depending on whether they have two, five, or ten years’ experience or more. They often want to know if they have to give an oral presentation, who...

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Unbroken layers of MoSe2 over large surfaces now possible

Molybdenum diselenide (MoSe2) has good optical properties, but is resistant to deposition processes. Microelectronics researchers had all but given up on...
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Introducing Tiny, an ultra-thin, high-capacity battery

The Tiny lithium-ion microbattery is redefining the international state of the art in miniature energy storage, with a thickness of less...
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Nobel laureate Gérard Mourou to visit MINATEC

Dr. Gérard Mourou, who is a Professor Emeritus at the prestigious École Polytechnique and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics...
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Grenoble Institute of Technology programs bring in even more IoT

On October 10, 2019, five engineers and a PhD employed at Grenoble-area companies (Schneider Electric, Dolphin Integration, and Euromaster) will begin...
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Phelma student launches career in space

Joan Rodriguez is in his second year at Phelma and the CSUG, the Grenoble University Space Center. During the 2018-2019 academic...
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Phelma students experience DIY labs

Students majoring in Electrochemistry and Processes for Energy and the Environment at Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school are experiencing...
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Grenoble’s iGEM 2019 competitors to enter teardrop test for Parkinson’s

Once again this year, a group of students from Grenoble (including four from Phelma) will go to Boston in November to...
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Grenoble Institute of Technology does well in two international rankings

The much-awaited Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU or “Shanghai Ranking”) of the world’s top 1,000 universities came out in June....
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Catherine Picart moves from LMGP to IRIG

Catherine Picart has been leading a research team at LMGP for eleven years now. She was assigned to the CEA on...
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ISKN enters video gaming market

ISKN, a startup founded in 2014 to develop and commercialize an augmented interaction technology hatched at Leti, made its reputation with...
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Turn any bike into an electric bike in just fifteen minutes

You don’t need to be a DIY expert to install the Gboost electric bike conversion kit! Developed by local startup E-Bike...
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Théano Karatsori leads the way for young women in science

Théano Karatsori authored nine articles and five conference papers during her PhD research alone. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she also...
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Leti active in Grenoble artificial intelligence institute

Leti, which kicked off a major R&D program on embedded artificial intelligence this year, is also part of Grenoble’s new Multidisciplinary...
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Startup Rosi wins two awards in one month

July 2019 was a big month for the founders of startup Rosi, which specializes in the recycling of photovoltaic-industry waste. In...
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Assystem joins Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma Partners Circle

International engineering firm Assystem has been very involved in activities at Phelma since the school’s inception. Assystem and Phelma recently signed...
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Leti establishes leadership in Li-Fi communications technology

Li-Fi, a short-range wireless communications technology that uses visible light to transmit data, is still in its early days. However, the...
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Student club Ingénieurs Citoyens gains popularity

Student club Ingénieurs Citoyens was founded last year with just a dozen or so members. This year, the club’s environmentally-responsible message...
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Substrates: Soitec-Leti innovation center off to a good start

The Soitec-Leti Substrate Innovation Center opened a year ago. Today it continues to grow, with a team of around a dozen...
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Grenoble deep tech ecosystem wins big in i-Lab national innovation competition

This summer, eight Grenoble-based projects were awarded prizes in the 21st national innovative startup competition, i-Lab. Of the eight, three of...
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Leti’s 300 mm cleanroom to get 13 new machines in 2019

Leti continues to install and commission new equipment for its 300 mm cleanroom at a steady clip. In 2018 the facility...
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What’s new at the Parvis des Sciences science fair this year?

The twelfth annual Parvis des Sciences science fair will be held at MINATEC on October 10, 11, and 12, 2019. And...
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Nano@school goes low-tech

The 2018-2019 school year was a success for the Nano@school educational outreach program, which brought 800 high-school students, including 80 international...
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