Substrates: Soitec-Leti innovation center off to a good start

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Published : 1 October 2019

The Soitec-Leti Substrate Innovation Center opened a year ago. Today it continues to grow, with a team of around a dozen Soitec R&D engineers and substantial support from Leti staff. The Center’s 200 mm and 300 mm equipment, which includes a pilot line entirely dedicated to R&D, has recently expanded to include a Kokusai furnace. In terms of results, the Center has already obtained 300 mm SOI that meets Soitec’s quality standards for prototyping.

he Center’s mission is to very rapidly develop innovative substrates for new applications (3D integration, RF filters, microLEDs, and more) and is available to equipment manufacturers, foundries, and microelectronics manufacturers. One of the Center’s unique features is that it regularly manufactures batches to speed up the maturation of new processes.


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