Startup Rosi wins two awards in one month

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Published : 1 October 2019

July 2019 was a big month for the founders of startup Rosi, which specializes in the recycling of photovoltaic-industry waste. In the space of just a few days the company won an award from French energy agency ADEME for its Redesign project and the i-Lab 2019 competition, bringing in €600,000 in grants and advances and generating promising leads, including some major international corporations.

Rosi utilizes processes developed at SIMAP* to transform PV silicon cutting waste (40% of the material’s pre-cutting volume) into polycrystalline silicon that can be used to manufacture new cells. The company is already working on a project for a customer in Norway. And, thanks to the award for Redesign, Rosi will build a demonstrator unit capable of recovering the silver and silicon contained in end-of-life solar panels.




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