IRIG and Tsukuba collaborate on another PhD dissertation

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Published : 1 October 2019

IRIG and Japan’s University of Tsukuba recently kicked off their second joint PhD research project on the ultra-rapid displacement of magnetic walls using the spin-transfer effect in manganese nitride (Mn4N). The conclusions of an earlier PhD dissertation were promising.  Samples produced in Japan were sent to Grenoble, where they were used to reproducibly displace walls at speeds of 700 m/s to 800 m/s.


Researchers around the world investigated single spin transfer effects on walls from 2000 to 2010, when the focus shifted to spin-orbit coupling. The crystalline properties of the Mn4N obtained by epitaxial growth at Tsukuba have brought single spin transfer back. Ultimately, the research could be used to develop new magnetic memory technologies.



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