Leti’s 300 mm cleanroom to get 13 new machines in 2019

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Published : 1 October 2019

Leti continues to install and commission new equipment for its 300 mm cleanroom at a steady clip. In 2018 the facility received an immersion lithography system that alone represents 40% of the total budget for the 300 mm equipment purchase plan. In 2019 another thirteen pieces of equipment will be installed—some are already in service. The new equipment includes deposition machines for imagers and memory, as well as thermal treatment, bonding, and mechanical-chemical planing machines.

The equipment purchase plan has enabled Leti to double the volume of its 300 mm R&D in just two years. Ultimately, 300 mm will account for half of the institute’s activities. Staff members currently assigned to 200 mm R&D are switching over to 300 mm and new employees are being hired. Overall, the program concerns several hundred people.


Contact: laurent.clavelier@cea.fr

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