Leti establishes leadership in Li-Fi communications technology

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Published : 1 October 2019

Li-Fi, a short-range wireless communications technology that uses visible light to transmit data, is still in its early days. However, the major stakeholders in this new technology—which include Leti—are already leading the way. In June an international consortium created the nonprofit Light Communication Alliance (LCA) to promote Li-Fi to businesses and the general public. The group will also work on standards, an area that the IEEE has already begun to address.

Leti has filed three patents on Li-Fi technologies to date and has transferred a license to a major lighting-industry stakeholder. Leti’s Li-Fi research is also gaining traction, with exploratory research projects involving several of the institute’s departments that aim to boost speeds to several Gbits/s.


Contact: dimitri.ktenas@cea.fr

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