Bioresources enable antimicrobial bandages

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Published : 1 December 2020

Could all-natural materials be used to make antimicrobial dressings for open, infected wounds? A PhD research project conducted at CEA-Leti, CERMAV, and LGP2 investigated precisely this kind of environmentally-friendly dressing for inpatient care scenarios, and the findings were encouraging.

The dressings studied here were made from nanocellulose obtained from wood. The material can take the form of an aerogel, a cryogel, or a thin membrane. It was impregnated with an active ingredient in supercritical CO2 at 31 °C and 74 bar, eliminating the need to use organic solvents. The researchers functionalized three structures: one with an antibiotic, one with an antimicrobial amino silane, and one with thymol from essential oils. They all demonstrated good antibacterial properties. The researchers will now dig deeper into their findings with an industrial R&D partner.


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