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December 2020

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Spintronics and optronics, better together

In research conducted for the EU Spice project, Spintec demonstrated an optical magnetic tunnel junction that is 1,000 times...

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No virus can escape the optomechanical resonator

CEA-Leti and Irig are developing a mass spectrometry-based technique to “nanoweigh” viruses. And extremely accurate nanoresonators could expand the...

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A new wrinkle sure to foil counterfeiters’ plans

In research published in Advanced Materials, CEA-Leti and Bordeaux-based CELIA* developed a process to generate random micrometric patterns. A...

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LiteBIRD deep-freezes telescopes to probe the genesis of our universe

Researchers from Irig are working on the international LiteBIRD space observation satellite project.  They have been tasked with developing...

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CEA-Leti expands 300 mm line with new contact fabrication capabilities

CEA-Leti has added even more new 300 mm equipment this year. The institute’s clean rooms can now fabricate their...

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Innovative thermometer helps keeps power components from overheating

Researchers from CEA-Leti and CEA-Liten built and tested innovative thermal sensors to monitor the temperature of gallium nitride (GaN)...

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Top news

Avalun Covid-19 antigen test now on market

Startup Avalun, which calls the MINATEC High-Tech Building its home, released its Covid-19 antigen test a few days ago. This powerful growth driver will also help speed up the rollout of Avalun’s portable lab, LabPad® Evolution.

At the start of 2020, Avalun had plans to roll out its LabPad® INR in six regions across France to monitor 10,000 patients on blood thinners. But that was before Covid. The test rollout (a project...

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Interview: Ronald Phlypo, Dean, Masters in Data Analysis: Linking Experiments and Theory, Phelma,

Students have to learn scientific method and experimentation

What motivated you to set up this Masters program focused on scientific method and experimentation?

We feel that these are fundamental skills. And not only for scientists. Students planning careers in industrial R&D need them, too. Experimentation is vital to testing and development cycles. What we are seeing with our students’ culminating projects is that they apply experimental protocols in a rote fashion without demonstrating the necessary critical thinking skills. We want...

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An innovative lithium-ion battery anode

In research conducted for the EU Sinbat project, Irig is pulling out all the stops—electron microscopy, MRI, X-ray diffraction,...

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ERC Proof of Concept grant for SOT-MRAM fabrication process

Researchers at Spintec won an ERC Proof of Concept grant for a SOT-MRAM memory fabrication process developed under an...

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Two Irig scientists now members of prestigious French learned society

Two Grenoble-Alpes University faculty members, also scientists at Irig, became members of the learned society Institut universitaire de France...

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Bioresources enable antimicrobial bandages

Could all-natural materials be used to make antimicrobial dressings for open, infected wounds? A PhD research project conducted at...

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Advance gives new hope for lasers without III-V materials

III-V semiconductor materials are expensive and increasingly rare. Their replacement as the go-to material for lasers is inevitable. CEA-Leti...

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Hardware security expert Brice Colombier joins Grenoble INP-Phelma faculty

Grenoble INP-Phelma’s newest faculty member is an expert in hardware security. Brice Colombier joined the TIMA lab’s AMfoRS* group...

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What’s new in the AMIS Masters program

EIT* Raw Materials recently renewed the EIT seal for the five-partner international AMIS (Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability)...

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Alain Sylvestre to head the Foundation for Micro and Nanotechnology effective January 1, 2021

Alain Sylvestre, a Université Grenoble Alpes faculty member and research scientist at G2ELab, will succeed Mireille Mouis as director...

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Anne Kaminski-Cachopo appointed director of IMEP-LaHC

IMEP-LaHC has a new director. Current director Jean-Emmanuel Broquin will finish his second term at the end of the...

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UNITE! Grenoble INP-Phelma is crossing borders even during the Covid lockdown

The purpose of the UNITE! (University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering) program is to create a physical and...

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FMNT backs four new equipment purchases

Three FMNT (Foundation for Micro and Nano Technology) partner labs had four equipment purchase requests, endorsed by FMNT, approved...

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Minalogic helps its members pivot to online communications

Cluster Minalogic and its members rely heavily on in-person events to promote their businesses. With live events cancelled this...

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Women in engineering 2020: Grenoble INP earns kudos for its commitment to gender representation

On October 1, 2020 Grenoble INP won the “Most Committed School Award” for its Genre INP’lication project at the...

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SafeHear could make conversations in noisy environments safer and more comfortable

Imagine earplugs that filter out noises, not voices! Startup SafeHear, founded in early 2020 by Grenoble INP-Phelma student Antoine...

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Alternative mobility gains ground at CEA

CEA continues to roll out alternative mobility solutions to help employees get around its 70-hectare campus. Soon, 100 of...

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100% online CSR day on December 4

Grenoble INP-Phelma will organize a CSR* day for its 300 second-year students on December 4. The event, which was...

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Y.SPOT Partners building to be delivered in a year

Construction on the Y.SPOT Partners building, which began in December 2019, is slated for completion by the end of...

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