CEA-Leti expands 300 mm line with new contact fabrication capabilities

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Published : 1 December 2020

CEA-Leti has added even more new 300 mm equipment this year. The institute’s clean rooms can now fabricate their own low-resistance ohmic contacts—a BEOL process where the electrical junctions that link the active components of a circuit to the circuit’s connectors are made. The contacts fabricated at CEA-Leti offer resistances close to those made in industrial fabrication environments. This new capability will give even more weight to the R&D services CEA-Leti offers semiconductor-industry partners.

The new contactor fabrication process took two years to perfect. A set of masks—representing an investment of €50,000—was produced and a stable production process was finalized. CEA-Leti, which had previously outsourced certain 300 mm contact fabrication process steps to STMicroelectronics, can now complete these steps in house, shortening lead times on R&D projects for partners.

Contact: sophie.guillemin@cea.fr

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