SafeHear could make conversations in noisy environments safer and more comfortable

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Published : 1 December 2020

Imagine earplugs that filter out noises, not voices! Startup SafeHear, founded in early 2020 by Grenoble INP-Phelma student Antoine Kuhnast and Grenoble IAE graduate Héléna Jérôme, is developing just such a product. The founders have some heavyweights behind them: They are already working on several R&D projects with STMicroelectronics and Inria.

The human voice is situated between 300 Hz and 3,000 Hz—just a small portion of the entire audible spectrum, which goes up to 20,000 Hz. SafeHear earplugs would be built on two acquisition microphones, a signal processing stage, and Bluetooth transmission to other users. The earplugs would have an operating range of around 10 meters. The company plans to address two main markets initially: industrial and consumer PPE, with uses ranging from noisy factories to concerts and sporting events.


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