Two Irig scientists now members of prestigious French learned society

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Published : 1 December 2020

Two Grenoble-Alpes University faculty members, also scientists at Irig, became members of the learned society Institut universitaire de France on October 1, 2020 for a five-year term. They were selected for their excellence in research and for the international recognition they have earned.

Junior Member Hélène Malet works at the IBS Electron Microscopy and Methods Group. She conducts research on the structural and functional analysis and replication of bunyaviruses, an order of viruses that affects humans and for which there is currently no treatment.

Senior Member Mairbek Chshiev works at Spintec. His research to determine the best combination of materials for sustainable electronics using spin orbitronics and 2D spintronics won over the selection committee.

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