Innovative thermometer helps keeps power components from overheating

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Published : 1 December 2020

Researchers from CEA-Leti and CEA-Liten built and tested innovative thermal sensors to monitor the temperature of gallium nitride (GaN) HEMT power components. The sensors are fabricated at the same time and on the same substrate as the components and do not require additional process steps (masks). They utilize the Seebeck effect to predict overheating that could lower circuit performance. Plus, they do not require their own power supply and generate a response in the tens to the hundreds of millivolts.

This approach appears to offer greater potential than conventional thermal sensors, which are located near the circuit but are more expensive. Finally, this new breed of sensor could support the expansion of HEMT components, currently used in smartphone-type scenarios, into other applications like electric vehicles. Two patents have been filed to protect the innovation.


*High Electron Mobility Transistor 

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