No virus can escape the optomechanical resonator

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Published : 1 December 2020

CEA-Leti and Irig are developing a mass spectrometry-based technique to “nanoweigh” viruses. And extremely accurate nanoresonators could expand the potential uses for the technique. CEA-Leti and Irig researchers were able to detect and weigh individual biological particles (from several megadaltons to a gigadalton). The technique was effective on bullet-shaped viruses like rabies and Ebola and on the amyloid fibrils that play a role in some neurological disorders. These non-spherical particles were almost impossible to analyze using the previous generation of resonators.

This new technique also works on very low concentrations of particles. The next step will be to test it on airborne viruses. The research, conducted in partnership with the CNRS, was published in the journal Nature Communications.


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