Building an emergency shelter prototype in three days

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Published : 7 June 2017

A cohort of around fifteen college-level students from France and the United States will take part in a creativity workshop on June 13–15 where they will be tasked with creating an innovative emergency shelter prototype. The workshop is part of the REACT* research project with which the GIANT International Internship Programme is associated. The students will meet at MINATEC and will work with a team of researchers from the CEA to come up with their prototype, use scenarios, and a concept for an associated mobile app. Before the workshop, participating students will meet with a representative of ShelterBox, an international organization that provides emergency shelter units to disaster victims.

Also related to the REACT research project, six students from Grenoble, including several from Phelma, will go to the University of Pennsylvania and GIANT will welcome nine American students.

*Research and Education in Active Coatings Technologies for the Human Habitat

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