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June 2017

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P-SCAN pinpoints industrial systems’ vulnerabilities

As part of a partnership with international certification agency Bureau Veritas, Leti developed a test bench to verify the security of...
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5G network prototype at Pyeongchang Olympics

The 5G Champion project, in which Leti is participating alongside the Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), will develop a...
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Mechanical constraint helps locate quantum light sources

New optoelectronic components like single-photon sources leverage semiconducting quantum dots integrated into a photonic structure. The sources are generally randomly distributed...
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Large-scale two-dimensional MoSe2 production with no tape!

Researchers at INAC recently synthesized homogeneous three-atomic-layer MoSe2 on a large scale using molecular beam epitaxy. Like other transition metal dichalcogenides...
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First-ever 600 V/100 A GaN demonstrator transistor for power electronics

Power components now have their own transistor. Researchers at Leti completed the first-ever 600 V/100 A normally-off MIS-HEMT (metal-insulator-semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistor)...
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SensiNact released as open source

The SensiNact IoT peripherals integration and management platform developed by Leti facilitates the interoperability and processing of data from heterogeneous sensors...
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Germanium: spin transistors just over the horizon

INAC recently made a significant advance toward using spin-orbit coupling in transistors as the result of research conducted in conjunction with CNRS Palaiseau and Jülich Research Center of Germany.

As its name indicates, spin-orbit coupling “couples” an electron’s momentum and spin. A new type of MRAM (magnetoresistive RAM) memory potentially capable of pushing back current limits could leverage spin-orbit coupling to multiply the pathways the electrical current can follow during the...

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Jean-Charles Guibert, Director, MINATEC; Advisor to the CEA Chairman for International Innovation Projects,

MINATEC’s international reputation is what convinced the CEA to appoint me to this new position.

MINATEC’s international reputation is what convinced the CEA to appoint me to this new position.”


In April of this year, you were appointed Director, MINATEC, Advisor to the CEA Chairman for International Innovation Projects. What is your mandate?
The objective is to support the development of the CEA’s international relations. The CEA’s network of partners closely refl ects the organization’s traditional focus areas. My mandate as Director, MINATEC, Advisor to the CEA...

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Nanosafety Workshop: a uniquely interactive opportunity

The Nanosafety Platform will hold a day-long workshop on November 16, 2017 at the CEA’s Grenoble campus for all professionals concerned...
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Photonics platform open for business after a six-month delay

The photonics platform, originally slated for delivery in November 2016—later pushed back to January 2017—, finally opened on May 2, 2017....
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Building an emergency shelter prototype in three days

A cohort of around fifteen college-level students from France and the United States will take part in a creativity workshop on...
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Leti stands out at EuCAP conference

Millimeter-wave communications, which offer substantial bandwidth for higher transmission speeds, are garnering interest as a solution for tomorrow’s 5G networks. Leti...
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Nanocharacterization platform upgrades TEM equipment

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) produces much more than just images. The TEM equipment at the CEA nanocharacterization platform (PFNC) provides detailed...
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Neutron detector helps predict the impacts of snow melt

LPSC* developed a neutron detector for French electric utility EDF to measure the snow water equivalent (SWE), or the amount of...
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DREAM project results published in six languages!

The European Commission recently published an article on the DREAM project, coordinated by Grenoble Institute of Technology from 2013–2016, in six...
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NXP and Phelma form a new kind of partnership

On March 24 NXP and Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school signed a partnership agreement—the first of its kind—that included...
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New on the Micro- and Nanotech Observatory website

The new Micro- and Nanotechnology Observatory website went live in late 2016 and has been regularly updated with new publications ever...
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Inno’Cup Junior 2017: teen innovators imagine the future

A total of ten projects will go head to head at the Inno’Cup Junior finals at MINATEC on July 11 and...
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GIANT runs tours for Presqu’île residents

Residents of Grenoble’s Presqu’île district will get a chance to tour Clinatec on July 3 and GreEn-ER (run by Grenoble Institute of...
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Nuclear: Phelma signs partnership with the University of Bristol

Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school and the University of Bristol (England) recently signed a nuclear energy partnership. The two...
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MT 180: Grenoble’s Sabrina Fadloun in the running at nationals

Imagine an electron as fast as Usain Bolt! Sabrina Fadloun had the jury—and the entire audience—hanging on her every word at...
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Open labs: Atelier Arts-Sciences and Ideas Lab expand circle of partners

The Isère General Council, already a partner of the Ideas Laboratory®, recently signed a new partnership, this time with the Experimenta...
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Grenoble Institute of Technology moves up in 2017 QS World University Rankings by Subject

This year, Grenoble Institute of Technology, Grenoble-Alpes University’s Engineering School, moved up 22 slots in the 2017 QS World University Rankings...
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Sylfen wins international innovation award from French newspaper Le Monde

Sylfen won the Le Monde Smart Cities competition International Award in Singapore on June 2, shortly after receiving the European Innovation...
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IRT Nanoelec: More than 300 SMBs have received services through the Easytech program

The Easytech program introduced by IRT Nanoelec in 2012 has provided digital innovation and technology transfer support services to more than...
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PUS improves energy yields at MINATEC

Engie Cofely subsidiary Pôle Utilités Services (PUS), which produces and distributes MINATEC’s technical fluids, would like to reduce its energy spending...
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Exploring artificial intelligence at Ideas Days

Ideas Days 2017, to be held by and at the MINATEC Ideas Laboratory® on July 4 and 5, will explore “Man...
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Cholera test kit designed in Grenoble in iGEM competition

This year Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school and Grenoble-Alpes University (UGA) will once again enter the iGEM synthetic biology...
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