PUS improves energy yields at MINATEC

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Published : 7 June 2017

Engie Cofely subsidiary Pôle Utilités Services (PUS), which produces and distributes MINATEC’s technical fluids, would like to reduce its energy spending by between 5% and 10% by the end of 2018—without affecting service quality and uptime, of course! In 2015 the company introduced a new energy management strategy inspired by ISO 50001, assigning an Energy Manager and operational staff to the project. And, in the era of Big Data, the company has implemented Engie’s Blu.e platform, which gathers, analyzes, and processes energy data to generate recommendations and forecasts. In 2016 PUS reduced its energy spending by more than €20,000 for cold water production and saved an additional €15,000 by negotiating better utility contracts.

Contact: etienne.vogt@engie.com

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