Inno’Cup Junior 2017: teen innovators imagine the future

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Published : 7 June 2017

A total of ten projects will go head to head at the Inno’Cup Junior finals at MINATEC on July 11 and 12. Teen innovators (aged 15–18) will present a wide variety of product and service prototypes of their own design that include Eggyourt (an egg-based yogurt for the lactose intolerant), I-Zheimer (a connected bracelet to help lost Alzheimer’s patients find their way), Safe Sea (an autonomous pollution clean-up catamaran), an environmentally-friendly floating power plant, and more.
The third edition of the competition, which is held every two years, is being run by science education organization La Casemate and is supported by founding partners The United States Embassy in France, the CEA, GIANT, Xerox Research Centre Europe, and Phosphore magazine, as well as Enedis, a new partner to the event this year.


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