MT 180: Grenoble’s Sabrina Fadloun in the running at nationals

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Published : 7 June 2017

Imagine an electron as fast as Usain Bolt! Sabrina Fadloun had the jury—and the entire audience—hanging on her every word at the Grenoble-Alpes University finals of the MT 180 (My Thesis in 180 Seconds, inspired by the Three Minute Thesis®) competition held at MINATEC on April 13. Two other PhD candidates from Grenoble Institute of Technology joint labs, Hippolyte Durand and Lisa Guigue, came in second and third!
A second-year PhD candidate conducting research at SIMap and Leti, Sabrina is studying a MOCVD copper-deposition process to make high-form-factor through vias for 3D integration. Next up for Sabrina: the national semifinals in Paris on June 13 and—fingers crossed—the finals the next day.

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