Exploring artificial intelligence at Ideas Days

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Published : 7 June 2017

Ideas Days 2017, to be held by and at the MINATEC Ideas Laboratory® on July 4 and 5, will explore “Man and his relationship to the world from the Paleolithic age to artificial intelligence.” The program will include lectures, workshops (including arts workshops), and panel talks addressing the major shifts affecting our society, from work and mobility to food.
Markus Gabriel, philosopher and author of Why the World Does Not Exist, will speak. Paleoanthropologist Pascal Picq will share his take on how man’s relationships to the world and technology have changed.
Ideas Days will address some serious topics. However, the format will be informal, with a concert, food trucks, and other fun activities. The purpose of the event is to break down the silos that traditionally separate different approaches to technology and shape a more positive future in which innovation is guided by people and uses rather than the reverse.

See the full program and register at www.ideas-days.com

Contact: timothee.silvestre@cea.fr

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