Changes to Grenoble Institute of Technology SICOM major

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Published : 2 December 2019

The SICOM (Signal, Image, Communication, and Multimedia) major common to Grenoble Institute of Technology schools Phelma and Ense3 prepares future engineers capable of developing projects that involve signal processing, electronics, and IT.

The curriculum, which has been around for a decade, was recently updated to incorporate additional course content on data science and artificial intelligence. Two new modules have been created: Data Science for Image, Multimedia, Audio & Communication (in French for the time being) and Data Science for Energy, the Environment & Healthcare (in English).

The new courses reflect the program’s unique positioning, with an approach “from sensor to decision” that is much more holistic than conventional programs, which tend to focus on IT and math only. SICOM gives students a big-picture view that responds to the real-world needs of industrial companies.



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