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December 2019

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Spin-charge conversion: What could be simpler?

An international team that included researchers from IRIG recently presented a simple, yet effective system for converting a spin current into...
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NeoLED heralds new era of transformerless LEDs

You no longer need a power converter to run LEDs directly off of a conventional wall outlet thanks to Leti’s new...
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Accessing a material’s topological electronic properties could get easier

Is it possible to show that the wave function of the electrons in graphene has a unique structure that makes the...
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Wine, cheese, and raspberries on the olfactory biosensor menu

Researchers at IRIG joined forces with a team from Dijon to develop olfactory biosensors capable of fixing and recognizing the aromatic...
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The winning duo for surface functionalization

Leti and Liten have combined the performance of silicon and the flexibility of printed electronics to functionalize any planar or curved...
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Measuring stress in children using an exoskeleton

Leti, in research conducted as part of the EU Motion project, which kicked off in September 2019, will develop a method...
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Top news

Clinatec’s innovative neuroprosthesis and exoskeleton protected by eighteen patents

Clinatec’s Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) project was recently featured in The Lancet Neurology* and has appeared in the media worldwide. This groundbreaking project shows just how powerful the Clinatec model—medical doctors and technology experts working side-by-side under one roof—is at driving innovation.


The WIMAGINE® implantable medical device is the first technology brick in Clinatec’s BCI project. And, with a level of performance never seen before, WIMAGINE® is truly unique. The 64-channel system measures...

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Interview: Nadine Commenges-Bernole, Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma faculty,

Our mission is to provide emotional support to the students who need it

Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma faculty member Nadine Commenges-Bernole is a certified Non-violent Communication coach. She coordinates a student support center at the school.

“Our mission is to provide emotional support to the students who need it.”


Tell us about the student support center Phelma opened at the beginning of the academic year.
As faculty, we often encounter students dealing with emotional challenges. The idea is to support them by giving them a safe...

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SOT-MRAM memory now denser

SOT-MRAM is more reliable over the long term and faster than STT-RAM. The problem with SOT-MRAM, however, is that it is...
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Proteomics and the p-value trap

Proteomics researchers are not generally well-trained in statistical methods—which often leads them to use the methods incorrectly, resulting in flawed conclusions....
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DFT methods boost the design of new enzymes

How can DFT (density functional theory) and small-angle neutron scattering be combined to create new enzymes? The answer is in an...
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Orphée Cugat wins CNRS innovation medal

G2E Lab research director and magnetic microsystems expert Orphée Cugat will receive the CNRS (France’s national center for scientific research) innovation...
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Morphosense heads offshore

Morphosense was founded in 2016. Since then, Neuron, the company’s sensor-based structural health monitoring solution, has been used on land. Today,...
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Scintil Photonics levels up with new round of fundraising

Scintil Photonics was founded in 2018 and won the French national i-Lab innovation competition that same year. This year, the Grenoble-based...
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French Academy of Science recognizes Catherine Picart

Catherine Picart (a Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma faculty member, LMGP researcher, and, since September 1, director of healthcare research at IRIG)...
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Jean-Eric Michallet appointed new CEO of Minalogic

Jean-Eric Michallet succeeded Isabelle Guillaume as CEO of Minalogic effective October 1. Michallet previously worked for IBM and has spent the...
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Remedee raises €11 million to develop pain management solution

Remedee, a Grenoble-based startup, is developing a pain management solution based on stimulating the secretion of pain-relieving endorphins. The company recently...
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Diabeloop’s artificial pancreas for children earns kudos from EIT

Grenoble-based startup Diabeloop won the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) InnovEIT award in October for its D4Kids project to...
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Lancey Energy Storage raises €8 million

Lancey Energy Storage, which was founded in 2016 and which moved to MINATEC in 2017, raised €8 million this summer. The...
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Hughes Metras takes over as director of IRT Nanoelec

Hugues Metras has succeeded the soon-to-retire Michel Wolny as director of IRT Nanoelec. Metras came from Leti, where he was in...
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A chair at the crossroads of materials and artificial intelligence

Designing new materials has never been more complex. Researchers have to consider a mind-boggling array of factors, from chemical composition and...
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Cryostats moved to new building: So far, so good

The Pheliqs labs, which use cryogenics in their research, are moving from building C1 to building 10.05. The first sixteen cryostats...
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No more plastic water bottles at Midi MINATEC lunch talks

The brown-bag lunches provided at the Midi MINATEC lunch talks no longer come with bottled water. The new measure came into...
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Scooter experiment to keep rolling through March

Scooters are allowed on the CEA campus as part of a test that began in April 2019. The first six months—which...
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Graphene 2020 conference to feature three Nobel Laureates

Graphene 2020—next year’s incarnation of Europe’s leading conference on 2D materials—will take place from June 2 to 5 in Grenoble. The...
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New CEA Tech showroom to open on January 20

The CEA Tech showroom, which welcomes 4,000 visitors per year, is getting a complete overhaul and moving to the Y.SPOT building....
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A year of flipped classrooms at Phelma

A first-year electronics course at Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school has been taught using a “flipped classroom” approach for...
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Leti to showcase four innovative technologies at CES 2020

For the fifth year running, Leti will exhibit at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in January 2020. This year,...
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SiC pilot line coming soon to the Substrate Innovation Center

The Soitec-Leti Substrate Innovation Center will open a SiC (silicon carbide) pilot line in 2020 as part of a joint development...
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Changes to Grenoble Institute of Technology SICOM major

The SICOM (Signal, Image, Communication, and Multimedia) major common to Grenoble Institute of Technology schools Phelma and Ense3 prepares future engineers...
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