Remedee raises €11 million to develop pain management solution

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Published : 2 December 2019

Remedee, a Grenoble-based startup, is developing a pain management solution based on stimulating the secretion of pain-relieving endorphins. The company recently announced that it had completed a second round of fundraising, bringing in €8.5 million*. Remedee’s solution leverages a 1 sq. mm chip developed with Leti that emits very-high-frequency (60 GHz) waves when it comes in contact with the skin, boosting the secretion of endorphins. The solution can do away with the need for analgesics for patients suffering from low to moderate chronic pain.

Since Remedee was founded in late 2016, it has stayed under the radar while completing the development of its system and starting clinical trials. The safety of the technology has been confirmed, and the company is now testing it on post-surgical pain, arthritis, and migraines. The solution is expected to reach the market in 2022.

*The company had previously raised €2.5 million in bootstrapping funds in an unannounced fundraising round in 2017.




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