New CEA Tech showroom to open on January 20

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Published : 2 December 2019

The CEA Tech showroom, which welcomes 4,000 visitors per year, is getting a complete overhaul and moving to the Y.SPOT building. The current showroom will close its doors on December 16, and the new one will open on January 20.

The new showroom was created by the same exhibition designer behind the Chauvet prehistoric cave painting site in France’s Ardèche region. Here, however, the theme is networking and collaboration. The 600 sq. m space takes visitors on a chronological timeline through three separate areas where they will discover yesterday’s success stories, today’s technologies, and the CEA’s strategy for addressing the challenges of tomorrow, from the digital transition to energy conversion and medicine. Visitors can also experience the exhibit in a variety of ways, with industry-specific tours, events, and immersive, interactive activities.



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