NeoLED heralds new era of transformerless LEDs

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Published : 2 December 2019

You no longer need a power converter to run LEDs directly off of a conventional wall outlet thanks to Leti’s new NeoLED distributed architecture. The LEDs are organized into clusters of eight and are constantly reconfigured (in series or parallel) to align their voltage with the voltage delivered by the outlet.

NeoLED does away with the need for high-voltage transistors and chemical capacitors (whose lifespans are much shorter than those of the LEDs themselves). With NeoLED, LED systems are much, much more compact, affordable, and reliable. Plus, it is easy to scale up for high-power applications like public lighting, agricultural greenhouses, and UV water treatment by resizing the low-voltage transistors—the architecture remains exactly the same. Leti has filed a patent to protect this innovation and is currently seeking a manufacturing company to scale up and commercialize the technology.


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