Jean-Eric Michallet appointed new CEO of Minalogic

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Published : 2 December 2019

Jean-Eric Michallet succeeded Isabelle Guillaume as CEO of Minalogic effective October 1. Michallet previously worked for IBM and has spent the past decade in the regional innovation ecosystem, including at Leti, which he joined in 2013.

His roadmap for Minalogic is to implement the strategy announced last spring when the cluster’s government certification was renewed. Specifically, Michallet will coordinate initiatives at the regional level (to ensure Minalogic’s presence across the entire region and engage in joint projects with other clusters), at the national level (to support the development of the electronics industry in partnership with digital technology stakeholders), and at the EU level (to submit project proposals and obtain EU certification for the cluster). The ties between Minalogic and MINATEC run deep: Minalogic’s Grenoble offices are located at MINATEC and several Minalogic member startups are housed on the MINATEC campus.



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