SOT-MRAM memory now denser

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Published : 2 December 2019

SOT-MRAM is more reliable over the long term and faster than STT-RAM. The problem with SOT-MRAM, however, is that it is bulky. This is because SOT-MRAM typically has two transistors (one read and one write) as opposed to STT-MRAM’s single transistor. Researchers from Leti and Spintec have recently partially overcome this challenge with a network of SOT-MRAM memory with a unidirectional diode instead of a read transistor. The result is a 20% increase in density with no adverse effects on speed or endurance.

The majority of the research focused on developing and testing the architecture—especially for the read phase. The researchers are determined to further increase memory density and are currently working on an even more compact architecture.



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