Scintil Photonics levels up with new round of fundraising

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Published : 2 December 2019

Scintil Photonics was founded in 2018 and won the French national i-Lab innovation competition that same year. This year, the Grenoble-based startup is leveling up with a €4 million fundraising round. The influx of funds will push the company from four to thirteen employees by mid-2020 and support the research it is doing under a joint lab with Leti. Scintil Photonics will also build its first prototypes, which it will test with strategic potential customers.

The company holds licenses to around fifteen Leti patents and develops very-high-speed (800 Gbit/s) optical transmitters for the data center market. The devices, including their III-V lasers, are made entirely using wafer-level processes to facilitate volume manufacturing and are three times more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and compact than competing solutions.



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