Cryostats moved to new building: So far, so good

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Published : 2 December 2019

The Pheliqs labs, which use cryogenics in their research, are moving from building C1 to building 10.05. The first sixteen cryostats were moved in June and October and are now working fine in their new home. Cryostats are fragile equipment, which makes moving them complicated. Each cryostat weighs in at around 250 kg and must be completely stabilized before moving. The moving company built special chassis for the cryogenic vessels and large padded crates for the inserts. The six remaining cryostats in building C1 will be moved in January.

Over in building 10.5, researchers are enjoying an improved setup with less vibration and better helium recovery. They also have a built-in helium supply network that eliminates the need to handle helium tanks.


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