Countdown to the CEA’s 2nd Nanosafety Conference

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Published : 2 December 2013

Some 150 nanosafety professionals, including manufacturers from a range of industries, will come to the CEA on December 11 for its 2nd Nanosafety Conference. This one-of-a-kind event is being organized by the CEA’s Nanosafety Platform—officially inaugurated on November 22—and will address the topic of “Nanosafety: Challenges, Advancements, and Scientific Hurdles.”
Speakers from the CEA and the Nanosafety Platform will discuss various issues related to nanomaterials safety, such as national and EU regulations, measurement and characterization methods, toxicology, and occupational health. They will then turn the floor over to manufacturers, who will share their experiences. The event will also include a tour of the Platform’s laboratories just after lunch.

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