December 2013

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Telephony: an antenna that follows you from network to network

Cell phone antennas are now so tiny that they can no longer adapt to different networks’ frequency bands, seriously impairing data transmission and call quality. Leti is working on a smart miniature antenna capable of adapting its impedance all on its...

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The world’s smallest memory is Made in Grenoble

Leti researchers have built a 16-nm charge-storage memory—the smallest ever cited in the literature. Until now, the most advanced memory systems measured 40 nm. Even better, the tiny new memory has already been demonstrated to work, offering the necessary temperature and...

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Seeing nanocomponents in a new light

The PFNC can now characterize the chemistry and morphology of nanoelectronic systems to within 2 nm spatial resolution. A team of researchers from Leti, CNRS, and STMicroelectronics has proven the effectiveness of this new characterization technique on a 45-nm transistor. The researchers...
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Upstream Technology Platform makes suspended graphene components

Despite its two-dimensional structure, graphene does not readily lend itself to the fabrication of MEMS and NEMS components using conventional microelectronics methods. A Ph.D. student at IMEP-LAHC decided to tackle the problem by making suspended graphene bridges with controlled dimensions and...

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MRI contrast agents now twelve times more effective

A team of INAC-Liten researchers has developed MRI contrast agents that are twelve times more effective than those currently on the market. They used a novel method for encapsulating the active ingredient, gadolinium, which enhances MRI contrast—but is toxic. Gadolinium is...

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Water pockets in a 5-nm-thick film

The performance of PEFMC-type fuel cells often boils down to details like the physical and chemical characteristics of the 5-nm polymer film used to coat the platinized carbon of an electrode.
Researchers at INAC joined forces with their Canadian colleagues...

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Telephony: an antenna that follows you from network to network

Cell phone antennas are now so tiny that they can no longer adapt to different networks’ frequency bands, seriously impairing data transmission and call quality. Leti is working on a smart miniature antenna capable of adapting its impedance all on its own. The antenna already covers GSM, DCS, UMTS, Wi-Fi, and LTE; low 4G frequencies could soon be added to the mix.
Leti researchers combined an antenna with a reconfigurable adaptation circuit that uses 130-nm CMOS-SOI technology. The device can withstand power in excess of 2 W, making it compatible with telephone transmission circuits. The researchers also built a...

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Jean-Luc Vallejo, ISKN* (iSketchnotemaker): “Crowdfunding put us six to twelve months ahead of schedule.”,

You raised $346,000, nearly ten times your original goal. Did that surprise you?
It did! We set out to raise $35,000, hoping to maybe reach $100,000. But interest in the project was clear virtually from the beginning. We reached our goal of $35,000 in the first fourteen hours of the month-long campaign!
Looking back, I feel that we could have raised even more, like $500,000, if we had opened an office in the US, where 30% of the funds raised came from.

What do you attribute this phenomenal success to?
The PC peripherals market took off in the...

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Kwant: powerful, open source quantum transport simulation solutions

The Kwant quantum transport package was developed by researchers from France (INAC) and the Netherlands over a period of three years. It is designed with one goal in mind: to make physicists’ lives simpler. Easy to use and quick to program,...

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Sofradir-Leti joint lab turns ten

Sofradir and Leti recently celebrated ten years of joint research. And their decade of partnership has been fruitful, with nearly a hundred employees involved in several world firsts and a number of major new innovations in the works.
The joint...

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LMGP gets a robot for high-throughput thin-film deposition

LMGP recently acquired a robot capable of high-throughput thin-film deposition. The robot marks a significant improvement over the lab’s previous equipment—and will save its researchers valuable time.
The new Tecan robot automates tasks that, up until now, were done manually....

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IRT Nanoelec striving for even greater connectivity

IRT Nanoelec, a Technology Research Institute, was founded 18 months ago and continues to forge ahead, especially in the area of corporate partnerships. The Institute signed an agreement with Agilent Technologies this spring, and plans to further expand its network of...

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Phelma Junior Consultants gets students ready for the job market

Student club Phelma Junior Consultants will hold a job and internship day in January. The goal is to help Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma students better navigate the uncharted waters of the job market. The event will include CV-writing workshops, personality assessments,...

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Grenoble hosts 220 engineering school deans

The CIT, or Commission des titres de l’ingénieur, which oversees France’s state-sanctioned engineering degree programs, has chosen Grenoble for its next annual meeting. The event will kick off on February 10 with an international colloquium to be attended by representatives of...

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New OMNT study on nanoparticles for healthcare

The OMNT (Micro and Nanotechnology Observatory) is diversifying its activities. The Observatory’s current science and technology intelligence lineup, which covers fifteen topics, will now be rounded out with technological and economic reports and market research. The Observatory’s insights are backed by...

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Countdown to the CEA’s 2nd Nanosafety Conference

Some 150 nanosafety professionals, including manufacturers from a range of industries, will come to the CEA on December 11 for its 2nd Nanosafety Conference. This one-of-a-kind event is being organized by the CEA’s Nanosafety Platform—officially inaugurated on November 22—and will address...

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UroMems moves into the High-Tech Building

Healthcare industry start-up UroMems moved from CIME Nanotech to the High-Tech Building on October 1, to further its product R&D.
UroMems was established in 2011 to market technology developed under a Ph.D. research project carried out jointly by TIMC-IMAG, TIMA,...

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Three don’t-miss Midi MINATECs lined up

MINATEC Director Jean-Charles Guibert will speak at the Midi MINATEC brown-bag lunch on December 13, as a special guest to mark the 199th edition. He will talk about the innovation campus’ development—and provide a benchmark of the campus' competitors—over the...

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IP heavyweights Avenium Consulting and Questel to merge

Avenium Consulting is a CEA Investissement subsidiary that provides intellectual property (IP) consulting services. Questel is a global leader in online IP services. On October 11 these two IP giants announced they will merge, creating an industry-leading firm that covers the...

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How to get Horizon 2020 funding for ICT research

On December 10, Minalogic and Grenoble Institute of Technology will give a training session on how to apply for funding for collaborative projects under the EU’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The session will target information and communication...

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MINATEC TV goes interactive

MINATEC TV’s Channel 2, “Live from Our Labs,” already boasts 12 videos—and more are on the way next year. The big star of Season 2 will be interactive interfaces that let users learn more in just a few clicks. The first...

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EMI testing in B2I’s anechoic chamber

The anechoic chamber in MINATEC’s Integrative Industries Building (B2I) wasn’t designed for electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing—but it turns out to be a perfect fit. Researchers have successfully performed EMI tests in the chamber to analyze and help certify electronic devices made...

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LXRepair off to a roaring start

LXRepair, an expert in enzyme activity testing and DNA repair, was created on September 26 from a research project at INAC. It was founded by an INAC researcher and a business developer who both have ambitious growth plans: they expect to...

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iGEM team wins Best Mathematical Model award

The iGEM 2013 team from Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma—which competed in the synthetic biology category of MIT’s iGEM competition—didn’t make it past the European qualifications in Lyon in October. But the four students didn’t go home empty handed: they won a...

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Digital SQUIDs hit the road

Pascal Febvre, a researcher at IMEP-LAHC and the University of Savoie, has outlined a superconductivity roadmap for digital SQUIDs, or superconducting quantum interference devices. His roadmap was published in Superconductor Science and Technology and focuses on two applications: detecting solar bursts—which...

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Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma brings Altran on board

Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma signed up a new corporate partner this fall: Altran France. Altran is a leading global innovation consulting and advanced engineering firm, with €742 million of revenue and 9,000 employees in 2012 (including 2,200 hired that year). It...

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Fluoptics raises €2 million for global business development

Fluoptics raised €2 million from business angels in September, which it will use to market its Fluobeam® system for several clinical applications in the United States, Asia, and Europe. The Fluobeam® fluorescence imaging system already has the CE marking for medical...

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Scientists to play show and tell

On January 23, CEA-Grenoble will hold the third annual “You Too Can Be a Scientist!” day to introduce high school juniors and seniors to careers in science. The event, part of a nationwide program, will include three-minute one-on-one elevator pitches by...

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Chemistry takes the spotlight in Leti clean rooms

A five-person film crew spent a day in Leti’s clean rooms in October making a video on how block copolymers—compounds developed by Arkema—are used in a new nanolithography process.
The video was commissioned by Arkema, which also runs a...

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