Three don’t-miss Midi MINATECs lined up

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Published : 2 December 2013

MINATEC Director Jean-Charles Guibert will speak at the Midi MINATEC brown-bag lunch on December 13, as a special guest to mark the 199th edition. He will talk about the innovation campus’ development—and provide a benchmark of the campus’ competitors—over the past few years.
Then on December 20, Yves Bréchet, High Commissioner for Atomic Energy, Material Science Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology, and member of the French Academy of Sciences, will celebrate the landmark 200th edition. He will speak on an issue dear to MINATEC researchers’ hearts: “Scientists and Engineers.”
The 2014 season will kick off on a fun note on January 10. Students from the Grenoble Institute of Technology theatre club, InProx’, will give an improv’ show on various MINATEC-related topics.


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