UroMems moves into the High-Tech Building

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Published : 2 December 2013

Healthcare industry start-up UroMems moved from CIME Nanotech to the High-Tech Building on October 1, to further its product R&D.
UroMems was established in 2011 to market technology developed under a Ph.D. research project carried out jointly by TIMC-IMAG, TIMA, and APHP. The company makes active implants for people with severe urinary incontinence. UroMems’ devices work like an artificial muscle (to replace the sphincter), and activate according to the patient’s physical activity. Because the pressure exerted by the implants eases when the patient is at rest, there is no risk of long-term tissue damage—a common side effect with other systems.
UroMems’ implants contain microsensors, an innovative myoelectromechanical system, and embedded electronics. The company is in discussions with Leti to enhance some of the implant’s components.

Contact: hamid.lamraoui@uromems.com

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