Covid-19 vaccine: Leti and its Lipidots® drug delivery system out in front

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Published : 6 July 2020

Leti and IAB* started work on a Covid-19 vaccine. Their strategy is to attach SARS-CoV-2 messenger RNA to Lipidots®, the oil microdroplets designed at Leti. Lipidots® are the same size as the virus and have a strong affinity for the dendritic cells that trigger an immune response. And, because Lipidots® are very stable, they should reach their final destination intact.

The mRNA strategy is already getting results in preclinical trials run by other organizations, like Moderna Therapeutics in the US. Now the researchers just have to find the ideal vector, and that could be where Lipidots® will make a real difference. The goal for the Grenoble-based LipiVAC COVID19 vaccine development project is to successfully complete preclinical testing within a year.

*Inserm/CNRS/Grenoble-Alpes University


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