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July 2020

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Life is gradually returning to normal on campus

France began easing its Covid-19 restrictions almost two months ago. As we move into summer, life on the MINATEC...

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Covid-19 vaccine: Leti and its Lipidots® drug delivery system out in front

Leti and IAB* started work on a Covid-19 vaccine. Their strategy is to attach SARS-CoV-2 messenger RNA to Lipidots®,...

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Tomorrow’s spintronics could use 1,000 times less energy

Researchers from Irig-CNRS and Thales published a breakthrough advance in spintronics in Nature. Rather than manipulating spin with a...

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Haptic interfaces: Wafer-level manufacturing just around the corner

Touch interfaces can now effectively simulate the feel of sand, fabric, or a control panel button, an advance made...

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Irig’s electronic nose is now even more discerning

Irig’s electronic nose, which was transferred to startup Aryballe Technologies, now has an even broader range of uses. But...

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Photovoltaics: Looking at the instabilities that affect hybrid perovskites

Hybrid perovskite photovoltaic cells can deliver yields of more than 20%. However, they do not age well. Researchers from...

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Top news

Miniaturized reconfigurable antennas for IoT devices

What if IoT antennas could be made even smaller without compromising efficiency simply by tuning their frequency? A PhD candidate at Leti did just that! She also developed an analytical model that is as reliable as today’s simulators.

Leti fabricated an antenna whose size is no more than 1/15th of the wavelength, compared to the usual size of around ¼ of the wavelength. The antenna maintains high radiation efficiency by instantly covering...

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Interview: Anne Vilcot, Dean, Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma Engineering School,

We are preparing for all possible scenarios in the fall.

How well did Phelma navigate the shift to 100% online learning?

It was hard to get things going. Our faculty had to reorganize their entire course loads on very short notice. The videoconferencing tools we had couldn’t handle the capacity: We only had ten Zoom licenses at the time. But everyone rolled up their sleeves and the solutions were there. A group of students recommended we use Discord, a free online chat...

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Power electronics: GaN module sets new records

Leti developed a packaging for its new GaN (gallium nitride) power components that could unlock the components’ full potential....

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Detecting SARS-CoV-2 in the air in just 30 minutes

The Flash Arise project, funded by France’s national research agency (ANR), was set up to develop a solution for...

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LEDs could soon promise mercury-free UV

What if LEDs could be used instead of mercury*-vapor lamps in a wide range of bacteria-killing UV devices? Researchers...

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A new and sustainable photoelectrode for hydrogen production

Researchers from Irig, Institut Néel, and EPFL in Lausanne developed a sustainable electrode for the production of hydrogen by...

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Leti engaged in EU project to develop neuromorphic processor

Leti is developing a ferroelectric tunnel junction for the EU Beferrosynaptic project, which kicked off in early 2020. The...

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Tiny FlexAmes for flexible energy storage and harvesting

Integrating energy storage and harvesting into a single system is not all that common. Doing it in a system...

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FMNT: Catherine Lo Cicero wins CNRS Crystal Medal

Catherine Lo Cicero, who has been FMNT’s Chief Financial Officer since 2018, will receive one of 23 Crystal Medals to...

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Master’s in nanotechnology students go deep inside ESRF and ILL online

The Covid-19 lockdown in France took some of the spice out of the Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma Master’s in...

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Leti Innovation Days 2020: the fall’s top innovation event

Leti Innovation Days, traditionally held in June in Grenoble, was postponed to October 12 to 16 this year. This...

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CEA drives development of OCOV mask

The Y.Spot building, which closed on March 16, partially reopened the very next day for a project to develop...

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From PhD student to entrepreneur with Enhanced IoT

Mohammamahdi Asgharzadeh, who was at IMEP-LAHC doing his PhD until late 2019, was one of the winners of the...

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