Power electronics: GaN module sets new records

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Published : 6 July 2020

Leti developed a packaging for its new GaN (gallium nitride) power components that could unlock the components’ full potential. The two-sided cooled module stands out for its extremely low parasite inductance. The risk of overvoltage is reduced, allowing switching at 350 V and 10 A, and a switching speed of 15 ns. The researchers think that their chances of obtaining even better performance in an upcoming round of tests are good.

The module was fabricated with CEA Tech Toulouse and Aspi3D, which contributed two technology bricks. The architecture can still be improved and fine-tuned for even more powerful components. Ultimately, the module could be used in electric-vehicle inverters which require power of 100 kW to 150 kW.

Contacts: pierre.perichon@cea.fr, christine.laurant@cea.fr

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