From PhD student to entrepreneur with Enhanced IoT

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Published : 6 July 2020

Mohammamahdi Asgharzadeh, who was at IMEP-LAHC doing his PhD until late 2019, was one of the winners of the i-PhD innovation competition in early 2020. In April he moved to business incubator Linksium, where he has been busy getting his startup, Enhanced IoT, off the ground. His idea is to adapt a technology called “synchronized averaging,” which has been used for decades in the medical industry, to the IoT.

The technology could extend communication ranges and eliminate crippling signal-to-noise ratios. It also offers the added benefit of being compatible with all IoT radio communications protocols. Asgharzadeh continues to receive support from his lab as he develops his prototypes and works on his business model. Two patents have been filed to protect the innovation.


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