FMNT: Catherine Lo Cicero wins CNRS Crystal Medal

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Published : 6 July 2020

Catherine Lo Cicero, who has been FMNT’s Chief Financial Officer since 2018, will receive one of 23 Crystal Medals to be handed out in 2020 at a ceremony in the fall. The Crystal Medals are awarded to research support staff members whose creativity, technical expertise, and sense of innovation contribute to the excellence of research in France.

Lo Cicero earned kudos for the key role she played implementing management tools to allow 120 pieces of equipment to be made available on an open-access basis at the FMNT OPE)N(RA functional characterization platform. Her mission is to ensure that OPE)N(RA’s financial accounts can be certified. However, she had a much broader impact. The tools she set up will allow academic and industrial partners to allocate the costs of using the platform to research budgets funded through French national and EU financing instruments.


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