Tiny FlexAmes for flexible energy storage and harvesting

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Published : 6 July 2020

Integrating energy storage and harvesting into a single system is not all that common. Doing it in a system that measures just a few square centimeters is even rarer. Now make the 1-millimeter-thick system flexible so that it can hug any shape, and you get something truly exceptional. Tiny Flex-Ames, developed by the EU EnSO project consortium, which includes Leti, does just that. The demonstrator includes a 10 mAh lithium-ion battery (up to 500 cycles), a printed antenna for wireless NFC charging, and an integrated power management circuit.

With ten patents behind it, Tiny Flex-Ames is ripe for the connected device market, where self-powering solutions are becoming increasingly sought-after. Leti and its partners are allowing manufacturers to customize the device to meet their needs.

Contact: raphael.salot@cea.fr

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