DNP for cooler, more sensitive, and less expensive NMR

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Published : 1 February 2021

DNP* increases the sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy experiments by several orders of magnitude. Two teams of researchers at Irig recently leveraged instrumentation developed over a decade and protected by seven patents to increase NMR performance by a factor of ten. Now observations can be carried out at 35 K, rather than 100 K previously, for an operating cost in the tens of euros per day.

The researchers replaced the 77 K nitrogen heat flux cooling system with a cryostat system built on exchangers, a cryocooler, and the NMR probe head. The system cools a closed-circuit helium stream to heat and drive the sample holder at a speed of tens of thousands of revolutions per second. This is the only piece of equipment of its kind in the world. It is available for use by outside partners.

*Dynamic nuclear polarization


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