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February 2021

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Quantum supremacy still not a given

Nature published Google’s groundbreaking results on a 54-qubit quantum computer in October, effectively declaring that quantum supremacy had been...

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New SALD pen could improve deposition

Selective-area laser deposition, or SALD, offers the advantages of being fast and suitable for use on large surfaces. Researchers...

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Quantum photonics a lethal weapon in the fight against cybercrime

The Carnot QPIC* project has been up and running in the photonics building since last fall. The researchers assigned...

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New electric motor components for fixed-gear bicycles

Cyclists who love the “fixie” (a fixed-gear city bike with no mudguards) could soon enjoy the comfort of a...

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6G the focus of new European projects

Global 5G rollout may still only be in its early stages, but researchers are already investigating the next generation...

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Melanoma: IBS investigates vaccine potential

Researchers at IBS* are using protein antigens characteristic of melanoma, a particularly aggressive form of skin cancer, to explore...

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Top news

For Intel and CEA-Leti the future is 3D

CEA-Leti and Intel, the world’s largest foundry, signed a contract expanding their partnership into 3D-integrated processors for high-performance computing via a multi-year R&D program in Grenoble.

Intel and CEA-Leti began working together on IoT and very-high-speed wireless communications in 2016. The company recently decided to expand its successful collaboration with CEA-Leti into one of its historic and most strategic markets, high-performance computing.

The race to achieve more compact and powerful HPC processors has...

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Interview: Grenoble INP third-year student and cofounder of the Think What Matters student collective, David Martin-Chevalier,

Tomorrow’s engineers want to participate in the sustainable innovations of the future

Tell us about Think What Matters.

We are a collective of around ten students from Grenoble INP, Sciences Po Grenoble, UGA, and INSA Lyon. We started the collective in late 2019 to make information about the environmental transition more accessible and, therefore, make the transition more inclusive, something that was missing. We organize lectures and panel talks not only for students, to make them more aware of their role, but also for...

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Industrial companies look to unfalsifiable, shareable blockchain

Blockchain, best-known for its use in cryptocurrency, is garnering interest from industrial companies. And CEA-Leti is currently very active...

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Epistore project aims for super-compact fuel cells

The goal of the four-year EU Epistore project, which started in January, will be to develop a 3-cm cube-shaped...

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Fewer post-op complications for colorectal cancer patients

Colorectal cancer surgeries are particularly prone to complications, with between 3% and 20% of patients affected by CAL, or...

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Bolometer-based detectors: SPICA 100 times better than Herschel

CEA-Leti will soon finish fabricating its record-breaking bolometric detectors for the SPICA space mission. Designed by CEA-IRFU, the detectors...

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ESRF revolutionizes imaging of human organs

When it comes to imaging human organs, ESRF's new EBS accelerator is much more sensitive and offers far higher...

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Magnetic 2D materials, the new path to skyrmions?

Spintec recently teamed up with CNRS-Thales joint research unit UMPhy and China’s NIMTE to work on skyrmions. According to...

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DNP for cooler, more sensitive, and less expensive NMR

DNP* increases the sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy experiments by several orders of magnitude. Two teams of researchers at Irig...

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Fuel cells: Neural networks provide new insights into Nafion

Not even the powerful beamlines at ESRF and ILL can accurately ascertain the multi-scale (nanometer to centimeter) structure of...

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Grenoble INP-Phelma introduces new website for future students

Grenoble INP-Phelma is taking full advantage of digital technology to promote the school to potential students at a time...

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Chipless RFID: Innovative tags win yet another award

Étienne Perret was not able to receive his IMT Espoir award from the French Academy of Sciences under the...

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NMR and biology: Paul Schanda brings home two awards

IBS scientist Paul Schanda, an expert on NMR techniques for the study of protein dynamics, recently won two international...

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Startup team doubles in size to create even more new ventures

The CEA’s tech transfer team onboarded three new startup program managers. The expanded startup team is gearing up to...

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CEA Magellan accelerator to get a dozen new ventures a year off the ground

The CEA kicked off its Magellan startup accelerator in June 2020 with the goal of launching more startups faster...

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JSIam 2021 to bring PhDs and business pros together online

The organizers of the Junior Scientist and Industry Annual Meeting (JSIam) announced at the end of January that they...

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Midi MINATEC lunch talks go remote, recordings available

After a hiatus during the first Covid-19 lockdown, the beloved Midi MINATEC lunches had returned to normal by October,...

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Spintec spearheading the international spintronics roadmap

Spintec is shaping the future of spintronics research, with Scientific Director Bernard Diény (first author) and four other Spintec...

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Grenoble INP-UGA online Open House

The eight schools of Grenoble INP-UGA and the INP preparatory program will hold their Open House on Saturday, February...

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Kalray reaches €97 million raised since it was founded in 2008

Kalray, a CEA-Leti spinoff founded in 2008 and publicly traded since 2018, recently raised €5.2 million in fresh capital....

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A giant leap for Diabeloop

Grenoble-based startup Diabeloop, which calls the BHT2 building home, has further anchored its position as a pioneer of artificial...

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