New SALD pen could improve deposition

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Published : 2 February 2021

Selective-area laser deposition, or SALD, offers the advantages of being fast and suitable for use on large surfaces. Researchers at LMGP have made SALD even better with a new innovation. They took advantage of the design flexibility offered by 3D printing to come up with customizable and affordable SALD injection heads. The pen-style SALD injection heads can be mounted on an XYZ machine to perform selective 3D chemical deposition of functionalized materials with no need for masks or a vacuum deposition chamber. Plus, in terms of resolution, the high-precision SALD pen deposits material exactly where it is needed (to within one millimeter laterally) and in the right amount (to within one nanometer in terms of thickness). 

LMGP is currently engaged in an EU research project to improve lateral resolution to within a micron. This enhanced lateral resolution would expand the potential uses of the SALD pen into microelectronics, for example. The research was published in Advanced Materials Technologies.

Video showing the deposition of a circle of ZnO:


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