NMR and biology: Paul Schanda brings home two awards

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Published : 1 February 2021

IBS scientist Paul Schanda, an expert on NMR techniques for the study of protein dynamics, recently won two international awards for his body of work. Trained in physical chemistry, Schanda has made a name for himself by bringing the physical methods of chemistry to biology. Most notably, he came up with one of the first descriptions of so-called “chaperones,” which escort other proteins from where they are synthesized to their final location in biological membranes.

He also developed an NMR spectroscopy method to observe the process by which proteins are folded from their initial “spaghetti” shape into the 3D structures that determine their interactions with their environment. Finally, he is the author of more than 70 publications.

*The Varian Young Investigator Award and the ICMRBS Founders’ Medal 2020

Contact: paul.schanda@ibs.fr

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