Industrial companies look to unfalsifiable, shareable blockchain

Categorie(s) : Industry, News, Research

Published : 1 February 2021

Blockchain, best-known for its use in cryptocurrency, is garnering interest from industrial companies. And CEA-Leti is currently very active on the topic, with IRT Nanoelec and EU projects in progress. Both projects are exploring how to embed cryptographic functions on a physical system like a robot. The idea is to certify the data produced by the physical system and store the certificates on a blockchain. Manufacturers, operators, and maintenance workers would all share the same authenticated, unfalsifiable proof of the data’s integrity, making it easy to determine responsibility in the event of a dispute, for example.

CEA-Leti, which had previously completed a Carnot project on blockchain from 2016 to 2018, focuses primarily on hardware solutions. A PhD research project on blockchain is also expected to begin shortly.


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